Founder’s Bio

Settler’s Park, Boulder, CO. photo credit: Michael Kucsmas

Wild Heart Revival was founded by Melissa Lynn Reed in January 2013.

Melissa is an ecologist, science educator, teacher of nonduality, nature-connected life coach, and transformation guide. She is a lover of life and mother to one son.

Melissa has lived, worked, and studied in the Boulder area for nearly twenty years. Her academic studies and professional work as a wildlife ecologist served to train and prepare her in body and mind for an unexpected journey of awakening in 2011.

During an extended field study of the biogeography and behavioral ecology of kit foxes in western Colorado Melissa experienced abrupt shifts in sensory awareness and environmental attunement. She calls this her wild heart revival and it led to a rapid evolution in her personal understandings of human niche consciousness and the deeply healing benefits of a mutual and truly mindful relationship with nature.

Melissa is driven by deep love for the land, passion for conservation, enthusiasm for learning, talent in teaching, and a desire to facilitate fun and meaningful experiences in nature for adults, youth, and families. Her greatest joy is working with students and clients out-of-doors on natural lands and in her office to assist them in reawakening and reviving their own wild heart. With an open heart and mind she approaches all experiences as part of one grand adventure with boundless opportunities for play and personal growth.

Melissa is a two-time graduate of the University of Colorado, Boulder. She holds a BA earned in 2002 in Ecology, Population, and Organismic Biology and a MS earned with honors in 2010 in Museum and Field Studies with emphasis in Wildlife Ecology. In 2013 Melissa attended more than 300 combined hours of yoga teacher training with Soul Tree Yoga, Kids Yoga Guide, and Yoga Ed. She studied at the Mind Energy Body School of Transformation and became certified to facilitate the somatic, energy-based consciousness work with clients also in 2013. In 2015, Melissa completed Foundations 1-4 training for nature-connected life coaching with Michael Jospe at the Earth-Based Institute. Melissa is a life-long student and continues to evolve both personally and professionally through her ongoing research and education.

Melissa’s own wild heart revival and academic and professional preparations have gifted her insight and skill to help others restore deep-rooted nature connection for a powerful, peaceful, inspired, and supported life of creative and compassionate action. Melissa maintains collaborative relationships with the City of Boulder Open Space and Mountain Parks and the University of Colorado Museum of Natural History and she is an active volunteer with various agencies and non-profit organizations.


Settler’s Park, Boulder, CO. photo credit: Michael Kucsmas

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