Wild Heart Revival facilitates educational and transformational experiences that foster well-being, ecoliteracy, and leadership in children, their families, and adults. We are based in Boulder, Colorado.

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Wild Heart Revival Services and Products:

  • Ecology and Environmental Mindfulness programs inform and empower participants with knowledge and skills for scientific inquiry and deep reconnection to the wild spirit of Nature.
  • Nature-Connected Life Empowerment Coaching services help clients develop a multidimensional body-based self-awareness through conscious nature connection. Our experiences help to restore dormant skills of deep listening and clear seeing for directed and empowered living in alignment with the most soulful of personal pursuits. Clients cultivate an internal power guided in love to overcome obstacles and to live fully and more freely with grace.
  • Wild Heart Yoga creates opportunities for students to learn how to more effectively self-regulate their own energy and emotions for sustained inner peace in mind and body. Classes cultivate compassion, connection, and concentration.

At Wild Heart Revival we embrace and value diversity and strive to create an environment of inclusivity. Read more.

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Chokecherry Blossoms, Enchanted Mesa, Boulder, CO

Wild Heart Revival is directed by Melissa Lynn Reed. We look forward to connecting with you to co-create re-wilding experiences that liberate and awaken wisdom and well-being for a brighter and more mindful world.

photo credit: Michael Kucsmas

photo credit: Michael Kucsmas

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