Ecology and Environmental Mindfulness

We at Wild Heart Revival work attentively with clients to create customized natural history programs for

  • youth
  • families
  • preschool, primary, and secondary school teachers and their students
  • adults
  • other educators

In the past ten years we’ve developed, delivered, and evaluated more than 300 classes and 20 multi-day retreats, directly serving more than 3000 adults and children.

Our experiential programs are engaging and interactive. We promote deeper understandings of nature and invite empowerment. Programs are designed cognizant of state education standards and attentive to the myriad of different learning strategies exhibited in students. Mindfulness techniques are utilized to help participants settle their mind, emotions, and body for deep learning and relationship building. Our unique approach to embodied education facilitates conditions that awaken curiosity, clarity, connection, cohesion, and compassionate co-action.

Message us to find out more about embodied learning for ecology and environmental mindfulness. Sample scripts and outlines available upon request.

Parent, Teacher, Participant, and Peer Reviews:

“Melissa has a beautiful connection with nature and gift for sharing it’s wonders with others. She is a treasure.” –Ellyn P. Parent, Boulder, CO.

“I attended a natural history workshop with my children and was amazed by how quickly Melissa was able to engage the children and her willingness not only to teach the kids but to share in the experience. It was truly awesome watching someone genuinely sharing their passion.” –Ilyas E. Parent, Trinidad, CO.

“Melissa did an amazing job for us at Boulder Country Day! We were so pleased that she was able to accommodate our request for an on campus presentation. She really has a passion for what she does, and this came through in her interactions with our students. Our 4th graders were captivated by all she had to share from the beginning. Melissa did an excellent job of working with our larger group of 36 4th grade students. Her presentation was a perfect match for our needs. We would be so pleased to have Melissa visit with us again in the future.” –Elementary School Science Teacher, Boulder Country Day School, Boulder, CO.

“Just a message to thank you for bringing your workshop to the Summer Reading Program at our library. You had great educational materials and presented them all with enthusiasm. The children went away with smiles and learned a lot! Even the parents were hanging around to learn. We had 108 total participants! Thanks again for your support!” –Phyllis K. Public Programs Coordinator, Trinidad Public Library, Trinidad, CO.

“We just wanted to let you know that we had a wonderful birthday party for our son. What a great day. Melissa was engaging, energetic, positive, and overall fantastic with our group of mostly 4 year-olds. We couldn’t have asked for a better experience.” –Kristin A. Parent, Boulder, CO.

“You made the museum come alive to these kids.” –Grandmother attending a family program, Boulder, CO.

“Thank you! That was an amazing experience!” –5th Grade Student, Logan School, Denver, CO.

“I feel like I have gained another level of wisdom and knowledge by talking to you and watching you work. Your work and your dreams have inspired me to reflect on what I want to do. You are an amazing person! The impact you make on the kids and their parents is incredible.” –Karina R. Undergraduate Education Assistant, University of Colorado, Boulder, CO.

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