Vision and Mission

A world in which each of us are able to connect to our own wholeness and find peace in relationship with self and each other. Through self-empowerment and personal transformation practices, contact with nature, environmental education, and community cohesion and action, we revive sustainability in wellness of heart, mind, body, and wild earth.

Wild Heart Revival fosters well-being, ecoliteracy, and leadership in children, their families, and adults.

We promote, teach, and enable emotional, mental, and physical wellness in heart, mind, and body through formal and informal experiential education, deep nature connection, outdoor play and exploration, yoga, guided meditations for self-healing and personal transformation, wilderness-immersion retreats, and life coaching.

By bridging hearts and minds in wholeness through education and reconnection to nature, Wild Heart Revival fosters peace, builds awareness of the web of interconnectedness of all life, and creates community of action for a healthier, happier planet.

photo credit: Michael Kucsmas


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