Nature-Powered Transformation

In our individualized coaching and guided transformational wilderness experiences clients develop a multidimensional body-based self-awareness through conscious nature connection. View a testimonial here.

Our experiences help to restore dormant skills of deep listening and clear seeing for directed and empowered living in alignment with the most soulful of personal pursuits.

Clients cultivate an internal power guided in love to overcome obstacles and to live fully and more freely with grace.

Our guiding and nature therapy work with clients and groups at Wild Heart Revival draw upon Melissa’s 20 years of experience as a wildlife biologist specializing in studies of rare and endangered species. Through the lens of evolutionary behavioral ecology and multidimensional place-based awareness she provokes attention to connection, Source reality, and the fuller and more powerful potential of you. Her offerings blend wild wisdom, ritual, nature-immersion, and mystical sciences for grounded and embodied shifts in consciousness leading to elevated states of wellbeing within individuals and communities.

Workshops, retreats, and private coaching sessions are available to adults, teens, and families.

First-time clients may download and use our gift certificate good for one free 90-minute Nature-Powered Transformation and Life Coaching session with Wild Heart Revival.

Create the Life you Deserve and Desire Now with Customized Coaching.

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Nature-Connected Transformation and Life Empowerment Coaching ~ Testimonials

“Melissa offers very powerful nature-connected transformation and life coaching work, conducted either in her office or even better in the nurturing open spaces of natural lands. She is highly intuitive, professional, sincere, and very emotionally present during her sessions. She is also extremely articulate and intellectual, adding to the emotional warmth and compassion she brings. I found her nature-based approach to healing and transformation to be very moving, profound, and effective on some of the deepest levels of my life.” –Gregg E, Louisville, CO.

“Working with Melissa has been nothing short of a joy. She used simple, beautiful language to help me reach deep inside to find my own inner healing. At the same time she energetically brought me to a place of gentle relief. I can feel genuine love and caring from her every time we speak. I recommend Melissa’s work to anyone seeking insight, healing, or spiritual progress.” –Becky S. Boulder, CO.

“I gained tremendous insight by taking Melissa’s Soulscape class. I left her class knowing my life would never be the same again and my life was forever changed in a positive way. I went into her class trying to figure out how to make a career change. Going into her class I felt lost and unsure how to make the change I was hoping to make. At the end of her class I knew which direction to take and what steps I needed to take to get there. Melissa helped me connect with my heart, my own inner knowing to hear my soul through nature exploration. I am forever grateful. Thank you Melissa.” –Hannah L. Golden, CO.

“I had a great time working with you and I feel like I have a new and unexpected direction to create with. I love the energetic template model, it feels very powerful and wise.” –Micheal H. Highlands Ranch, CO.

“The realizations that come during our sessions are so powerful. They are life-altering.” –Julie A. Lafayette, CO.

“You have so much light and wisdom and your process is valuable. You have so much to bring others in a healing way.” –Jennifer P. Westminster, CO.

“Melissa is incredibly intuitive and has a great gift for helping one uncover the next steps on their healing journey. I recently went to her because I was feeling incredibly frustrated about a life situation. I went into the session feeling stuck, angry, and confused. I left feeling joyful, hopeful, and serene. Melissa helped me let go and to trust in process. She also helped me get clarity on my personal boundaries to improve my energetic integrity. Since that session I have had more energy, greater clarity, and greater peace. She is one of the most insightful people I know. Working with Melissa is a gift. It is a blessing to be supported by her.” –Hannah L. Golden, CO.

“Your presence alone has been healing. I really dig your approach and your vibe. I can’t thank you enough.” –Michael M. Boulder, CO.

Messages of Gratitude ~

Standard Service Fees:

Please review the rates for the following services. Private coaching sessions lasting over two hours in length may be subject to additional service fees. Outdoor sessions require a minimum of 90 minutes per session.

♦ Individual, Couple, and Family Rate: $90/60 minute session; $120/90 minute session, $165/2 hour session.

♦ Fee for each additional half-hour: $45

♦ Phone/Zoom consultations: $90/hour

♦ Customized coaching packages available.

Call or email for student and limited income pricing.

♦ Cancellation policy available here.

Professional Intent:
All nature-connected coaching and life coaching services delivered by Melissa Reed-Eckert and Wild Heart Revival are meant to challenge, uplift, empower, and support you. However, coaching is not psychotherapy. If you feel psychologically stressed to the point that it is interfering with your ability to function, please seek the help you need in the form of a professional licensed counselor or therapist. Life coaching may augment your therapy, but the work of coaching is meant to be done when major emotional and psychological wounds are already healing or healed.

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