Wild Heart Yoga And Meditation

Melissa Lynn Reed’s approach to healing through yoga and meditation creates a powerful experience that awakens embodied consciousness for empowered living. The practice integrates guided meditation, mantra, pranayama, vinyassa flow, and kundalini kriyas. Melissa’s personal journey and trainings have given her unique expertise for aiding others struggling with disruptive kundalini and other challenging ‘symptoms of awakening.’ Contact us to learn more about public offerings or to schedule a private session.

Wild Heart Revival also offers Yoga for Youth in Classrooms and Yoga for Teachers. In these classes Melissa uses fun and engaging activities to empower students and their teachers with skills to:

    • enhance self-awareness
    • improve self-regulation
    • build classroom safety
    • increase compassion
    • improve teamwork
    • reduce and discharge stress
    • improve mental focus and clarity

In Yoga for Teachers, educators also learn simple mindfulness techniques to better manage – or steward – the energy of their classrooms to build a more effective and harmonious learning environment for their students.

Yoga in the Classroom ~ Feedback from Teachers

“You have a great attitude and your professionalism really shines through. The kids love your creativity and energy. We will miss you.” –Oscar S. Early Childhood Educator, McGlone Elementary School, Denver, CO.

“Your program provides opportunities for students to reduce stress and learn self-regulation. We use the skills you teach us in yoga throughout the day to aid calming and focus in the classroom. Thank you for understanding and meeting the needs of my class.” –2nd Grade Teacher, McGlone Elementary School, Denver, CO.

“Your work with the kids was amazing! They are always so crazy and hard to teach this time of day. Please teach us more of the skills to use in our class.” –1st Grade Teaching Assistant, McGlone Elementary School, Denver, CO.

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