Spring Solace Walks

Free Event
Spring Solace Walks
for people in life transitions involving grief
and anyone who may benefit
Wednesdays 6:15pm & Saturdays 9am
April 14, April 21, April 25*, May 5*, May 9, June 2
Boulder, Fort Collins, Denver
* Wheelchair Accessible Trails
Registration Required

Find solace in nature and reawaken a peaceful joy this Spring as we walk in the safe company of others experiencing grief. This walk is led by Melissa Esha Lynn who knows intimately the nourishing support of our open space lands and their medicine on the broken heart. Donations accepted to support tuition free programs. Note: This walk is not substitute for therapy with a licensed professional. Preregister to secure your space and receive event details.

Sping Walks

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Ceremonial Encampment with Kedar Brown

Reawakening The Wisdom of the Wild
and Opening Your Heart of Compassion

Ceremonial Village Encampment
northwest of Fort Collins, Colorado
June 6-10, 2018

This June 6-10, 2018, join our Ceremonial Village Encampment in a gorgeous front country wilderness setting near Fort Collins, Colorado, with Kedar Brown of Rites of Passage Counsil and Melissa Lynn Reed, founder of Wild Heart Revival.

At this Wilderness Encampment on a gorgeous and private 20 square mile ranch surrounded by public lands You Will Experience:

5 days/4 nights of Conscious Nature Immersion •
• Live Eagle Encounter •
• Solo Transformational Wilderness Walks •
• Grief Ritual •
• Community Encampment •
• Healing For Life Transitions/Crisis •
• Healing Ancestral Traumas •
• Poetry • Storytelling  • Personal Myth Making •
•  Prayer & Purification Lodge •
• Drumming • Song • Music  • Movement
• Holding Ritual Space •
• Honoring Grief & Birthing Joy! •

The Well of Grief
Those who will not slip beneath the still surface of the well of grief, turning downward through its black water to the place we cannot breathe will never know the source from which we drink, or the secret water, cold and clear, nor find in the darkness glimmering the small round coins thrown away by those who wished for something else.  – David Whyte

The Invitation to Enter:
For many of us, the residues of grief remain in that silent territory of isolation; often an inconvenience to the demands and pace of the life we find ourselves in, waiting for a shared acknowledgment and invitation that often does not arrive, impacting health and wellbeing.

ENR2Grief is a natural gift of the human condition. One we all must apprentice ourselves to guiding us toward healing, reconciliation and forgiveness. In time it can open a deep well of gratitude connecting us more heart-fully to those we love.

If we have lived into adulthood, we have certainly experienced pain in our lives: death, relationship crises, emotional and physical traumas, trans-generation loss and displacement, divorce, broken dreams, destruction of our natural habitats and species, loss of old friends and developmental transitions of aging.

In many societies and cultural traditions grief is viewed as a necessary conduit for assisting the dead to the realm of the ancestors. It is in community ritual that deep expressions of grief provide a river for loved ones to travel to the other-side. If we do not offer our tears they may not get to where they need to go and some of us my get pulled in with them. Unexpressed grief can settle into our psyche or subconscious mind traveling as a silent ghost through family generations smothering joy, creativity and our ability to connect with others.

untitled-design-1-e1521240819320.pngDuring the weekend we will deepen our connection to the natural world, gather and share the stories of grief & hope braiding together like sweet grass in ritual space for respect, honoring and release. Later in the weekend we will turn our attention to the construction of and participation in a Prayer and Purification Lodge. Through this ceremony you will be encouraged to live your life in response to the prayers of our descendants, human and non-human and like the Eagle we will rise into the light of a new day with hope and action. Our communal rituals will flow as a river from this world to the other as an offering that activates heart-full connection and healing in both worlds.

cropped-img_3604.jpgWhen & Where: June 6-10 in foothills northwest of Fort Collins, CO.
Non Refundable Deposit of $75 to hold your spot
Early Registration: $510 (paid in full by April 25th)
Full Registration: $600 (after April 25th)
All Payments Due by May 1st
Lodging & Meals: Tent Camping Only. Meals Provided. Gluten Free and Vegan option available upon request.

Special Discount Options:
Register to volunteer at a community service event near you prior to our event, let us know about the project you choose, and receive 20% off the full registration price. Event Cost: $480
Two or more register together: $480 each.
Partial work-trade scholarships “maybe” available upon request. Contact Melissa
Discount options may not be combined

To Register: Contact Melissa

At Wild Heart Revival we embrace and value diversity and strive to create an environment of inclusivity. Read more.

Meet Your Facilitators:
kedar-webres-3.jpgKedar Brown is an intuitive, a teacher, a healer and a ceremonialist & ritual process facilitator, licensed professional counselor, certified Hakomi body-centered therapist, nationally certified counselor and licensed clinical addictions specialist with over 30 years of experience braiding together clinical knowledge & indigenous healing wisdom methods from around the world. Kedar is Founder and Director of Rites of Passage Council. He is a guide trained in vision quest ceremony by Steven Foster and Meredith Little in the Sierra Nevada Mountains. Kedar has apprenticed with Malidoma Some´, initiated elder and shaman of the Dagara Tribe in Bukina Faso, West Africa learning many of their indigenous wisdom teachings and healing practices. He is a diviner and intuitive who brings deep sight and awareness to those he works with. Kedar has apprenticed with Will Rockingbear, Cherokee Elder and Shaman. Kedar’s ceremonial work has taken him across the US, and into Ireland,West Africa, Australia, Hawaii, Scotland & England. Kedar lives in Asheville, North Carolina. Mission of Rites of Passage Counsil.

“I have known Kedar for a long time as a man of Spirit with remarkable devotion to healing. He tends to this duty with royalty and ferocious commitment. As a man who hears the call of Earth and Nature, Kedar extends his hand to those in quest of change and transformation, and is always willing to lead them into and guide them through a deep sense of communion with themselves. Having worked with him in a number of rituals and ceremonies, and watched carefully the way he gives of himself to spirit, I have come to respect his priestly devotion to the sacred in Nature and in every human. His work deserves respect and reverence.” – Malidoma Some` PhD.

mre bio profileMelissa Reed-Eckert is our organizer and co-facilitator for this event. Melissa is a fourth generation healer and transformational wilderness guide with deep and intimate ties to nature. She is the visionary for Women Rising Wild, a rewilding retreat for women and wolves, and founder of Wild Heart Revival. Her guiding and nature therapy work with clients and groups draw upon her 20 years of experience as a wildlife biologist specializing in studies of rare and endangered species. Through the lens of evolutionary behavioral ecology and place-based awareness she provokes attention to connection and Source reality. Her offerings blend wild wisdom, ritual, nature-immersion, and mystical sciences for grounded and embodied shifts in consciousness leading to elevated states of wellbeing within individuals and communities. Mission of Wild Heart Revival.

Melissa is excited to welcome Kedar to Colorado to facilitate our Ceremonial Village Encampment. From a previous experience on retreat with Kedar, Melissa shares: “The moments, hours, and lifetimes that passed during the ancestor grief and earth ritual were a period of sustained spiritual happiness unlike I have otherwise ever experienced. The facilitators, the gorgeous land, the amazing food, and the participants all helped to cocreate a beautiful and powerful, life-enriching experience. Since retreat I feel more alive and awake to the medicine I carry and to the wisdom and supportive presence of our ancestors.”

“Walking, I am listening to a deeper way.
Suddenly all my ancestors are behind me.
Be still, they say.
Watch and Listen.
You are the result of love of thousands.”
Linda Hogan (b.1947)
Native American writer

A portion of the proceeds from this event will go to support
Dagara Tribe of West Africa in gratitude for the

good medicine ways from which these grief and earth rituals originate.

More information at KedarBrown.com

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Wild Christmas

Community Christmas Walk, 2017

Awaken Wild Spirit this Christmas Day as we hike 4 miles roundtrip and touch a Flatiron. 12:30-2:30pm. Shanahan Ridge. Dress in layers. Be prepared for snow on the ground. Bring a warm beverage for yourself and bite-sized morsels to share. RSVP here.

Street side parking, RTD access, and Trailhead access near 1903 Lehigh St. Map and directions here.

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Darkest Night Wild Woman Hike

Free Event
Darkest Night Wild Woman Hike
December 17, 2017 4-6pm
Boulder, CO

This Sunday is our darkest, longest night of the year. We will gather in the evening to observe the sun and dark moon set together in the west then walk into the north for a gentle 2.7 mile hike among coyotes, mice, and owls and watch the stars come alive to our senses. In the safety of our group container and facilitation on this auspicious night we will provoke experience and awareness of a greater depth of being and universal consciousness on the plains. Meet at Boulder Valley Ranch Trailhead. Please dress warmly!

This hike is led by Melissa Reed, wilderness guide and mentor at Wild Heart Revival and visionary at Women Rising Wild.

On this Wild Woman hike we welcome people of all genders with special care and attention to the feminine aspects within us all.

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Fall in lOve with Raptors

Boulder Valley is home to an exceptionally high number of nesting and wintering raptors.

Schedule a viewing tour or private medicine walk with Wild Heart Revival at wildheartrevival.com/connect

In celebration and support of Colorado Gives we continue to offer a 20% discount on all of our services and events booked in December when you make a charitable donation to Boulder County Audubon Society, Colorado Avian Research and Rehabilitation Institute, or other nonprofit organization working to elevate the wellbeing of people, animals, and wilderness.

The young hawk in this footage was viewed in our foothills the week of November 27 and the audio recording was made in July 2017.

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Giving Tuesday

Wild Heart Revival thanks you for your charitable donations to local nonprofits supporting people, animals, and wilderness.

Give to Rocky Mountain Wild or Mission: Wolf and receive 20% off on all of our offerings. Offer valid through December, 2017.

Schedule a free introductory nature-connected life empowerment coaching session now.
Preregister for Women Rising Wild.

Walk in the Spirit of Wolves

Free Events
Saturday, December 9, 2017
Saturday, January 6, 2018

Chautauqua Park, Boulder, Colorado
*Registration Required

Feel into our fundamental nature and evolutionary kinship with wild bushytails as we walk Kohler and Enchanted Mesas and explore both myth and ecology of wolf and other wild canid species found in Colorado.

Meet at the Chautauqua Ranger Cottage. Map and directions available here.

This free hike is offered by Melissa Reed, wildlife ecologist and wilderness guide with Wild Heart Revival. Melissa has more than 20 years experience as a wildlife ecologist and has lived closely with wild canids since childhood. This past Labor Day Melissa hosted a transformational rewilding retreat for women with wolves at Mission: Wolf wolf sanctuary in southcentral Colorado. Registration for Women Rising Wild, 2018, is now open. View the photo gallery from the 2017 event.

     fox IMG_0070 https://i1.wp.com/danthompsongamecalls.com/wp-content/uploads/2014/10/bigstock-Coyote-4186001.jpg